Group History

The group was begun by former Secretary of State, Scott Moore. The meetings were coordinated by the Secretary of State's office in conjunction with Nebraska Online. The purpose of establishing the organization was to unite all state agency webmasters for education and information-sharing purposes. At that time, the duty of webmaster was still very new to most state employees and agencies were just beginning to create a web presence. The first meeting of record was held August 4, 1998.

The Secretary of State's office continued to coordinate webmaster meetings until May 2001, when Deputy Secretary of State Greg Lemon suggested the webmaster group be led on a rotating basis by the participants. The first chairpersons were named.

In October 2002, the group began yearly elections of a chair-elect position to serve a two year term: one year as the chair-elect and one year as the chairperson. As the emphasis of the Internet and E-Government has grown within Nebraska state government, the original purpose of education and information-sharing has also grown to incorporate discussions concerning new technologies, software developments, issues, and policies that affect the duties of a webmaster.

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