Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 2, 2003
1:30 p.m.
Governor's Residence, Lower Level

  1. Photoshop Presentation — Mary Ann Norton.

    Mary Ann, State Treasurer's office, gave a presentation using Photoshop 5.0. She covered web graphic basics, such as image resolution and pixels. The difference in resolution between web and print media and pixilation that can occur from changing image sizes. Also covered was the difference between RGB and CYMK, Bitmap vs. Vector images, changing images sizes and using the free transform tool, changing the canvas size and layers. Also discussed was adding text to an image and when to save as a .jpeg rather than a .gif. Handouts are available and can be obtained by contacting Laura Larson. Mary Ann also relayed that she will be unable to attend any future meetings at the direction of the State Treasurer. As such, the second portion of this presentation may not occur at the September meeting as was originally planned.

  2. Chair-Elect Elections.

    Cat Souliere, Equal Opportunity Commission and current Chair-Elect, informed members that nominations will be accepted through September for the Chair-Elect position. Cat will take over as the Chair January 2004. The Chair-Elect would help plan and organize group meetings and may also be responsible for meeting minutes. Nominations can be sent via email. No nominations will be accepted without the nominee's consent. Elections will be held at the November meeting. Laura Larson relayed that she will not be running for this position.

  3. Webmaster Survey.

    The webmaster survey was delayed while some details were worked out with DAS-Personnel. The personnel department did not wish for webmasters to have any false hopes that a webmaster position would be created within the state system. According to Mr. Mike McCrory, personnel has been ordered that no new job classifications be created. The survey has been completed and will contain that notation. Mr. McCrory relayed no other concerns. The survey will be sent via the listserv and will also be available on the webmaster website.

  4. Miscellaneous.

    NOL Homepage. Nebrask@ Online is changing the state homepage. There were some suggestions given at the meeting regarding font face and size to account for individuals with vision disabilities. Features that NOL is planning on including in the new home page include a help center, Amber Alert information, the current National Security level and portals that are dynamically maintained through a database system.

    Library Commission Commercial Databases. Nebraska residents and state agencies can use the commercial databases maintained by the Library Commission. The databases contain a wide variety of information, including biographies, publications and research information. Nebraska residents will be able to use the databases for free by logging on with their Nebraska driver's license. State agencies may currently use the databases and should contact the Library Commission to obtain the correct log on information. A demonstration of these databases is tentatively being planned for the November meeting.

  5. Adjourn.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, September 3, 2003
1:30 p.m.
Governor's Residence, Lower Level