Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 14, 2004
2:00 p.m.
Governor's Residence, Lower Level

  1. Working Group Proposal.

    In response to inquiries from members, the group considered becoming an official working group. It was suggested that doing so would add legitimacy to the group, as well as the opportunity to increase membership and awareness of our group and our work.

  2. NITC Hierarchy.

    Steve Schaeffer, Chief Information Officer for the State of Nebraska, gave a presentation on NITC, explaining what is the NITC, the technical architecture issues for webmasters, project planning and management, security, and the NITC news.

  3. Working Group Discussion.

    After discussion, the group voted to become a working group. Several individuals volunteered to help craft the charter, which will be offered for review at the next webmaster's meeting.

  4. Schedule Discussion.

    It was decided that the meetings will keep the schedule they have had for several years. Meetings will be the first Wednesday, every other month, starting at 1:30 p.m. Changes may be made as needed based on scheduling of space.

  5. Miscellaneous.

    Webmasters who are using the language tool bar (Topsites) are experiencing some problems with billing and customer service. The webmasters who use the language service advise to setup the billing account correctly before installing it on a website. The language tool bar also limits the number of lines it will translate on a web page.

  6. Adjourn.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, March 3, 2004
1:30 p.m.
Governor's Residence, Lower Level