Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 7, 2004
2:00 p.m.
Governor's Residence, Lower Level

  1. Archiving.

    Andrea Faling, State Archivist, and Cathy Danahy, with Records Management, have drafted an article to help explain retention rules. Included in the article is the new official language for retention. Cathy was present to offer additional information and answer questions. The main difference between what was stated before on retention and now, is that the State Archivist wants to look at items now, not five years from now. If the item doesn't need to be kept permanently, then it can be discarded per other retention rules. It is important to note that the responsibility for "how long does an item existing solely on the web site need to be kept?" is an agency's Records Officer, not the webmaster. The webmaster will need to work with the Records Officer, but the final responsibility rests on the Officer.

  2. Branding.

    The Branding Committee submitted its final choice for a design. They pointed out that they had started with five designs, added several, and finally settled on one. The final design choice is simple, small, and allows a blending into existing web sites. The Committee tried to avoid the issues of other states, such as Wyoming and Washington. We also did not want an overall look determined for all sites.

    The group discussed what specifications will be needed for the draft of the policy.
    • Location — Where must it appear
    • Pages — What pages must it appear on, and timeline
    • What can and cannot be changed, and the procedure for having a change made.
    • How the policy will affect Boards, Commissions, etc.

    Please let Cat Souliere ( know if you have any other ideas for specifications or if you wish to be a part of the Committee that works out the draft. If you have ideas for changing the design, please e-mail Cat, and the Committee will look into your concerns.

  3. E-Government Conference.

    Cat Souliere reported that the December E-Government conference will include a "webmaster track", with sessions of increased interest to webmasters.

  4. Web Site Accessibility.

    Per NITC request, volunteers were requested to help draft official guidelines on web site accessibility. If you would like to be a part of this committee, please e-mail Cat Souliere.

  5. Miscellaneous.

    There was a question as to how to make Word symbols (such as an up arrow) work in Adobe Acrobat. If anyone has a really good answer for this, let Cat Souliere know and she'll forward it on.

  6. Adjourn.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, September 1, 2004
1:30 p.m.
Governor's Residence, Lower Level