Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
2:00 p.m.
Governor's Residence, Lower Level

  1. Discussion on Improving Accessibility and Broken Links — Greg Votava, HHSS and Rick Becker, DAS CIO.


    While we discussed the credibility of the 2004 Brown University Survey (Nebraska ranked 32nd in disability access and 33rd in broken links), we agreed that it was important to improve in these areas.

    It was agreed that Jana Johnson from the Assistive Technology Partnership and Loraine Epperly from DAS-State Personnel would develop a toolbox for Webmasters to use. We will place this on the Webmasters site.

    It was suggested that all sites include a link stating "If you have any problems accessing this site, please contact . . ."

    While tools like WAVE, etc. are a good start, it is important to conduct human testing as well.

    Jana is willing to do accessibility checks for agencies. You can contact her by email or call her at 471-2807

    Rick Becker suggested Dr. Christy Horn from UNL as a resource.

    Broken Links:

    It was suggested that whenever a state site changes its URL, a notice be sent to the Webmaster group so everyone can make changes on their site.

    At the next meeting we will discuss how we could compile a report as a group on both issues to validate where we stand as a state.

  2. Positioning with Cascading Style Sheets — Daryn Warriner, NOL.

    Daryn provided a very insightful presentation. Many technical aspects of positioning were presented. At this point not many state agencies are using CSS but we are all encouraged to move in that direction as designing with tables can often cause accessibility issues and can be cumbersome when redesigning pages. A great resource to view the power of CSS is

  3. Branding.

    Discussion took place on the clause for exemption and vote for final approval of the document was conducted. The group approved the policy. Greg Votava and Cat Souliere were asked by Rick Becker to present the document to the NITC the following day. *

    * Update: Yesterday, January 13th, Cat Souliere and I presented the Branding Standard that was approved at the Webmaster meeting to the Nebraska Information Technology Commission (NITC). A few minor language edits were suggested by the group, such as:
    • Taking a look at who the standard applies to. While we used their standard language in the document, the group has decided to review their own verbiage.
    • Including a more detailed definition of what a Webpage is (does it exclude PDF, Word docs, etc).
    • Including the Webmaster Group URL and Contact Info in the document.

    The NITC asked to defer their final vote till their meeting next month so members could have additional time for review. Upon their review and approval, the next step is for the document to go in front of the Technical Panel in March.

  4. Cookies Policy.

    Greg Votava stated his intention to make significant changes to the State Cookies Policy this next year. Further discussion will take place at the next meeting.

  5. Guidelines.

    In a previous meeting, we started talking about guidelines for web sites. Do people want to be on a committee for this? Should this be combined with the accessibility guidelines? Discussion on this is again deferred to the next meeting.

  6. Miscellaneous.

    There were no items.

  7. Adjourn.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, March 9 (date was changed to March 16, 2005)
2:00 p.m.
Governor's Residence, Lower Level