State Privacy Policy

All state agency websites should have a privacy policy or a website disclaimer that includes a privacy policy. The policy should be accessible from the home page, or first point of contact. The state's official privacy policy was adopted by the Records Board on May 3, 2001 and reads:

"Please be advised that all information which is collected by state agencies is likely to be considered a public record which is available for public review under the Nebraska Public Records Statutes unless there is a specific statute which allows that information to be kept confidential. An example of a specific statute which allows certain types of information to be kept confidential may be found at Neb. Rev. Stat. Section 84-712.05.

"The State of Nebraska Official Government web site is maintained by a private company, Nebraska Interactive, Inc. under contract with and management of the Nebraska State Records Board. Data gathered through the state's official web site, or through portals or data interchanges maintained by and submitted to state agencies are government records subject to the same rules of access and disclosure as they would be if submitted in paper form. As stated elsewhere in this notice, the general rule under Nebraska public records law is that all government records are open to public inspection unless expressly exempt from that requirement by law."