Web Page Standards and Suggestions


Design Suggestions:

The following suggestions were developed by Nebraska State Webmasters and follow the most important tenet of good design — develop your product for the target audience. Our web sites are a reflection of our state and our state agencies. As such, state agency web sites should be easy to use, and project a professional image.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Consider including the word "Nebraska" high in the list of meta tags, or in the page title, or at least high in the content of each web page (ideally all three). This will help to ensure that when someone is searching for Nebraska government information online, he or she will get more relevant search results. Please note: currently the Google search appliance will index standard "description" meta tags, but NOT Dublin Core's "dc.subject" meta tags. For more information please visit the Search Engine Land web site (http://searchengineland.com/070405-111149.php).
  • Browser Compatibility: Test your website on the most commonly-used browsers, currently Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Code to the standards: recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • Screen Resolution: Design for the most widely-used screen resolution, currently 1024x768.
  • Page Design and Web page Flow: Follow current best practices. Important considerations include layout consistency, clear navigation elements, judicious use of bandwidth-intensive features, generous placement of contact links, and a well-designed search facility.
  • Quality Control: All pages should be reviewed on a regular basis for broken or incorrect links, errors, outdated information, and problems that may occur due to new browser versions. Test pages from outside the State network to catch issues with DNS, permissions or authentication, or other issues — see what the user sees.